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Getting dentures has become a common practice these days. Suppose you are one of the patients seeking denture-based treatment soon. In that case, you will like to know about the procedure. Seek advice and want to explore the procedure. You will find this article useful as it has all that you want to know about what will happen to you in the ballarat denture clinic.

What are dentures?

Dentures refer to the artificial teeth and gums added to your oral cavity after losing any teeth. It is created in place of the damaged teeth. These artificial teeth are then added to the top or the bottom gumline. These teeth come in customized designs so that they may fit perfectly in your mouth without looking awkward. They have to match the natural look and form of teeth. The entire task is done with the assistance of specialized practitioners referred to as orthodontists.

The construction

The early dentures were made with porcelain or plastic. There were some downsides of the said materials that compelled the experts to use more reliable and long-lasting materials. The search ended with the dentures made in hard resin. It was made sure that the materials used are similar to the natural ones, and there are few chances of chipping and wearing off. Depending on the kind of materials that you use, the age of a common denture varies too. The artificial set requires additional support that is similar to the natural gums. It is made with a flexible polymer.


Types of dentures

The orthodontics in ballarat has different types of dentures to place into your mouth depending on your personal needs and requirements:

  • Partial dentures are added when the existing natural teeth are not too strong to support the structures like dental bridges.
  • A full denture or the complete denture is the kind of denture used to replace natural teeth. They are added to the top or bottom gum line with suction or a special oral adhesive.
  • The dental implants support Implant-supported dentures. It consists of an implant, a metal post, and a customized crown.

How to take care of the dentures?

The dentures would stay in your mouth for a long time, safe, secure, healthy, and long-lasting, provided you take care of them properly. Make sure to remove them before going to bed. Dislodge them occasionally to relax your gums. Submerge the dentures into warm water to prevent them from drying. A dried denture can be a great problem if your dentures have metal components soak them well into special dentures not to tarnish.

So next time when you move to the denture clinic asking for the denture you will know what you are going for.

All About Dentures

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