TILOS   (time location planning software) is a leading software and used worldwide.  This software fixes the issue of linear constructions projects. It is widely uses by different construction companies for building of railways, highways, water engineering, pipeline constructions, tunnel construction and also transformation of line buildings. TILOS is free software for construction industry and most of construction companies worldwide use this software.

TILOS is easy to use software and that is why most of companies love to this software. This software is powerful and advance software. Some of construction companies love to use this software because all of other qualities this software is also free to use. Some other reasons to use this software are:

Reason to use TILOS   software:

  • This software has the linear scheduling method. Linear scheduling method is a graphical presentation; it gives data about continuous use of resource. It gives data of continuous use of resources in repetitive manner and also gives distance and time axis in ROW (optimal right way).
  • TILOS software also present time distance diagram. Time and distance diagram shows time on one axis while distance on other axis. This method is widely uses in construction of different aviation plot flights.
  • In project control this software is also necessary. This software gives proper calculation of project with accurate figures.
  • It has quality to use and plan brilliantly planning of project. By TILOS software managing of linear projects becomes more easy and convenient.
  • Simple and single software can handle different international projects. This software is used internationally almost every construction enjoys this software.

Construction companies love to use reliable software for better result. A small mistake in calculation of project can create a catastrophic incident.  Construction companies always remain careful in use of software. In Australia TILOS is also used by many construction companies. Delta solutions project management software and services is providing a project management service in Australia. They have professional worker and they are providing tools for support of project planning.

Delta solutions project management software and services also provides project data analysis, by this service owner of projects get some great solutions to access multiple data source and live data. They present all data in graphical way. Delta solutions project management software and services also gives change to engineering data management service. By this service engineers are allowed collaborate with company without learning of new applications.

Delta solutions project management software and services also have pipping management system, by this owner of project can get assist in solving problems related to pipping material. This company is service from years in Australia and they feel proud that every project handle by this service get best results.

Project management service is an art and not every person can be perfect in this art but Delta solutions project management software and services with professional and qualified staff can solve every kind of issue. They are best in project management.


Use Of TILOS Software

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